What we carry ~

Mental health:

* What sustains us? What stops us? – thoughts on activism & mental health by Counterbalance
* Mental health care – Who’s calling the shots? by DHARMA (Diversity, Humanity, & Resourcefulness in Mental Anguish)
* Walking the Edge of Insanity by Sascha Scatter
* Oppositional Defiance
* Meet me at the corner of Nihilism & Hope by Astrogirl
* Harm Reduction guide to coming off Psychiatric Drugs by the Icarus Project & Freedom Center
* Friends make the best Medicine by the Icarus Project
* Anti-Psychiatry & the search for Autonomy by Alan Mandell
* Fear of Fear – a journal of psychological resistance by Annie Anxiety
* Word Salad – a journal of mental health # 1 & 2
* NEW Wax & Feathers - an Icarus Project Zine
Alternative Recovery, Moderation & Harm Reduction:

* The Red Pill – Drug War issue
* Alternative Recovery resource guide
* Don’t Panic! A parent’s guide to understanding & preventing Alcohol & Drug Abuse by Stanton Peele (PHD) & Marianne Apostolides
* Life Ring brochures – lifering online, self-help is what we do, we come recommended, lifering meeting schedule, secular is our middle name, sobriety is our priority, & give something back
* Moderation Management (MM)
* Wasted Indeed – Anarchy & Alcohol by Crimethinc


* The Question of Organization – a recent analysis by Venomous Butterfly Publications

All pamphlets are FREE (we do accept donations).

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