SCRMH is Tabling at Modesto Junior College

What: Feminist & Religion in the 21'st Century Presentation

When: Tues. Nov. 8th 2011

Where: Modesto Junior College West Campus (off Bluegum & Carpenter) in Sierra Hall # 137, Modesto Ca

Time: 6-9pm (between 7:30 & 8:30 will be an hour to "meet & greet" everyone)

Brought to you by: Wo
rld of Women is a collective of individuals interested in creating a safe place to support and empower mothers, sisters and daughters. We will celebrate and shar
e global indigenous wisdom, renew the bonds of sisterhood and work for our common future.

We will collaborate to promote social, political, economical and educational opportunities and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellness through support group, peer-mentoring, book club, workshops, teach-ins and more.
We will resist the modern misogyny and militarization while spreading hope and courage to those neglected and abused by power-fools as we work with grass root organizations to create and support a respectful community.

6 points: Activism and Empowerment

· Economic

o Employment opportunities, Equal Pay, Workplace harassment and Glass ceiling

o Exercise the purchasing power of women

o Promoting smart, eco-friendly, and socially responsible consumption

o Support and Promote women-owned and operated businesses

o Encourage and sustain feminist art and women artists

· Educational

o Mentoring and peer to peer support

o Introduce and host feminist leaders and role models

o Tutoring- Basic Skills

o Pen- pal relation with women in local prison

o Book club/ Study group- Global feminism by indigenous feminist writers and author

· Technological

o Strategic creation and use of technology by women

o On- line social networking, blog, and more

o Teach-in, Work shop, Speakers, Seminars, panel discussion

o Engage in dialogue with the feminists of the Global South

· Political

o Grass root organizing

o Public speaking, Voter registration, Phone banking, Letter writing, and more

o Engage and participate in political processes and elections

o Place progressive women’s issues on political agendas

o Addressing Militarization and the culture of violence and domination

· Social

o Support at-risk girls, young and aging women and women with disabilities

o Advocate for the rights of immigrant women

o Identify and address various forms of misogyny

o Collaboration with local grass root community organization

o Net work with state, national, regional and global feminist groups

· Physical and Emotional

o Promotes mental and emotional health caused by gender-based violence and abuse

o Provide a safe zone for women’s support groups

o Positive and healthy self-image and self-esteem

o Address women’s Health Issues including Reproductive, Life stages and Aging

o Safe and affordable place for physical activities

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