Interview with Ethan Watters on the DSM & his book "Crazy Like Us"

Last week (in San Francisco, local author Ethan Watters spoke to a packed room of Icaristas and friends at the California Institute of Integral Studies about his most recent book: Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. Ethan's book has been a really successful mainstream critique of the Biopsychiatric model and it was a pleasure having him step into the cultural underground of the Icarus Project for the evening to share ideas. It was a lively discussion which you can listen to here (you might have to download Quicktime 7 if it doesn't work -- sorry for the technical difficulties!)

The event was the second in our speaker series, the first being a discussion in October with Robert Whittaker about his book Anatomy of An Epidemic. Bay Area Icarus is rockin these days with weekly meetings and the organizers group CARIOC (California Icarus Regional Organizing Collective) an anti-oppression training this past Saturday, periodic screenings and community discussions of Crooked Beauty and an upcoming retreat to strategize about the coming year.

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