Join the New Tactics dialogue on self-care ONLINE from Sept. 22nd - 28th 2010

Join the New Tactics dialogue on self-care - NOW OPEN

Join New Tactics and Jane Barry for an online Tactical Dialogue on Self-Care for Activists: Sustaining Your Most Valuable Resource from September 22 to 28, 2010.

Human rights work is a powerful and fulfilling vocation. And it is equally hugely challenging for human rights practitioners. These practitioners are often exposed to distressing situations directly and indirectly. From those working directly with survivors of human rights abuses to those working indirectly on human rights abuse issues, the need for taking care of one’s self is extremely important. We all know that the work is precious and valuable, and yes, we need to be strong, healthy and balanced to do it well -- but we take care of ourselves first and foremost because we are valuable.

This online dialogue will address and define the risks of human rights work: compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary and vicarious trauma, and stress. These risks can harm ourselves, our partners and our families, and those that we work to protect. This dialogue will be a space to share resources, approaches and ideas for how to address these risks.

Our featured resource practitioners helping to lead this dialogue include:

* Jane Barry (co-facilitator) - author of What’s the Point of the Revolution if We Can’t Dance? (with Jelena Djordjevic, 2007), United States
* Amber Gray - longtime practitioner of body centered arts and sciences, and human rights advocate, United States
* Holly Hammond - a facilitator and trainer with the Change Agency, Australia
* Marcio Gagliato and Erin Morgan of the Center for Victims of Torture , Zimbabwe and the United States
* Deborah Rozelle on the Leadership Council for the Initiative for Transforming Trauma , United States
* Mike Grenville - trainer on avoiding burnout, United Kingdom
* Nina Jusuf - advisor and trainer for Capacitar International, Indonesia
* Pattrice Jones - writer, professor, activist and author of Aftershock
* David Gangsei - trainer on trauma, vicariouis trauma, vicarious resilience & self-care, United States
* Lin Chew of the Institute for Women's Empowerment (IWE), Hong Kong
* Kris Abrams of the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights, United States

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